Such exchangers find their main function in cooling off oil and liquids which are not aluminum aggressive.
Further to a deep technical/commercial analysis we have created a wide range of standard heat exchangers air/oil keeping into consideration most of the diverse needs in dimension and thermic status on the market:

CSL for oil capacity from 2 to 200lt/min

The particular compliance of the air and oil turbolator matched to a high vacuum brazing process allows an high thermic result and a great resistance to the pressure.
They are mainly use in: Oleodynamic plant, electric compressors, press, mobile machines (land mouvement, agricultural, construction, road, clean,etc…). They are equipped with woven-wire, electric fan 230V 50/60 Hz 400V tri-fase 12 or 24 dc or planned for hydraulic motor G1/G2/G3, fastening stirrup and fixed thermostat or manual reset.

Below is the technical documentation: