With the objective of continuous improvement of its product, to meet market demands Ciesse has revised its product range CSAS. The major changes introduced without this impacting thermal efficiency are the following:

THERMOSTATIC VALVE: New version include thermostatic valve integrated into the system. One of the most common needs encountered by customers in the assembly of the cooling system is that they have to add an external bypass valve to allow the discharge of any high pressures, due to varying of oil viscosity and or multiplications of the flow. To simplify and make  the assembly cheaper, the series CSAS integrates within the same block of the exchanger, the by-pass valve and the thermostatic valve, thereby ensuring the control of the peaks of pressure. Moreover, the presence of the thermostatic valve allows, in case of freezing temperatures of the oil at the start of the system, to bypassing the oil outside the core until the oil temperature reaches 40 ° C. This system is innovative, in that it eliminates the problem of loss of load when the oil viscosity is higher, as in the case of a cold startup. Moreover, this solution also allows increasing the temperature inside the pipes, allowing a better control of the oil temperature inside them.

STAND AND COVER: These accessories designed to make the solution a real autonomous and independent system to be installed on unattended areas as well as inhospitable ambient

New product has dimensions that are slightly different from the current version